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It's been a while since I've posted.  I apologize for the long absence and plan to return shortly with  a continuation of children's reviews.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you another great adult book in the Watson Manor series, by a dear friend of mine, Ron Craig. The newest title in the series, Watson Manor My Journey Home

For readers who aren't familiar with the series, I'd recommend beginning with the first book titled, Watson Manor, Eventually.  In the first novel,  readers are introduced to the two main characters, Charlie, and Jenny Watson.  Added to the series are a slew of wonderful characters as well as old favourites, enriching each book.

I have posted reviews in previous blogs, titled, Watson Manor, Eventually, Watson Manor Unfolding, and Watson Manor Investigations. 

 Author, Ron Craig

Fourth book in the Watson Manor series:


Book Review:


Watson Manor, My Journey Home is the fourth in the series, Watson Manor. Returning with a new investigation, Charlie and Jenny Watson find that life is anything but routine. All that was changed in seconds after Jenny sustained a traumatic brain injury. 

The story opens in the hospital room, a sterile white space unfamiliar to Jenny as the stranger sitting by her bedside. Confused, she’s introduced to the man, Charlie, her husband. Suffering from amnesia, she has no recollection of the past three years, her marriage to Charlie, or the birth of her daughter, Madison.

All events of the past few years stripped away in an instant, leaving Jenny feeling overwhelmed and vulnerable.  

In the coming weeks, Jenny tries to reacquaint herself with her family and friends as she settles back into the home, she, Charlie and Madison share, Watson Manor B&B.  Pouring over photo albums, she sees pictures of her life, the happiness she longs to remember. In doing so, she works toward rebuilding her life and creating new memories.  

The illness affects not only the person but also their family and friends. Ron Craig shows this well in his newest book Watson Manor, My Journey Home.  

With great character development, he brings in Charlie’s point of view, reflects on his struggles and adjustments faced with in the onset of Jenny’s memory loss.

Both, Jenny and Charlie venture on the journey home together as they work toward rekindling the lost three years of their relationship. In doing so, they find themselves entangled in another adventure mystery with many unexpected twists and turns.   

Nothing can keep this dynamic duo down, and readers will find this so again in another exciting adventure in the Watson Manor series.  

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Wednesday, 23 December 2015


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I want to share with you two adult books, written by a good friend of mine, Ron Craig. In my previous blogs, I introduced readers to his new series, Watson Manor, Eventually and Watson Manor Unfolding. A wonderful series that melds together both romance and mystery.

I'm delighted to share with you the newest book in the series, Watson Manor Investigations, and the continued adventures of sleuths, Charlie and Jenny Watson.

Author, Ronald Craig


Review: Watson Manor Investigations

Fans of Watson Manor are in for a treat. The third novel in the series is filled with thrills and unexpected turn of events. Many of the characters introduced in the first and second books make their return in the third in the series, Watson Manor Investigations.

My two favourite sleuths, Charlie and Jenny Watson are busier than ever. Not only are they running their B&B, but also have now opened their own agency, Watson Manor Investigations.

Watson Manor Investigations jumps right into another great mystery that leaves readers eager to turn the pages. Charlie and Jenny begin their search for a missing woman, a reporter for the Marina Press newspaper. It isn’t long before they find themselves entwined in a full-blown investigation, one that leads to many unanswered questions they must dig deeper to solve.

Another mystery looms closer by, one that will affect the lives of both Charlie and Jenny. Charlie meets a woman from his past, and must face their unresolved issues. He finds himself awakened to suppressed emotions that lay dormant and pushed aside. Decisions he makes will forever affect the future of his relationship with Jenny and their daughter, Madison.

Watson Manor Investigations kicks off to a rapid start and doesn’t slow down until the very end.
This third installment in the series of Watson Manor continues to escalate. Old favourites return, and new characters adding layers to the growing extended family.


The second book I'd like to introduce is a stand-alone novella titled, In His Time: A family  love born of tragedy.

IN HIS TIME: A family love born of tragedy

Review: In His Time: A family love born of tragedy

In His Time: A family love born of tragedy is a thoughtful tender story of kindness and giving to those in need.

A friendship forms between two of the most unlikely characters, both whom long for the bond of family. A gradual build of family strengthens as the focal point of the story. An integral part of the story addresses the issues of family, nurture, protection, inclusion, and love. 

The story is written from the first-person point of view, shared from three main characters, Steve, Nicole, and Mary. 

Steve, a sixty-year-old man, has longed for a family overcome with loneliness after the death of his beloved wife, Linda. It's been three years since her passing, and life has offered him no fulfillment until his unexpected encounter with Nicole. 

Nicole, a homeless teen is on the run, scared and alone. She carries with her an emotional weight that is always present. Cloaked in the stress of daily survival, she meets Steve. He, the most unlikely person she’d expect to meet, his kindness genuine and real.
Mary, a family lawyer, with a degree in psychology, is a levelheaded, strong-willed, woman. She works with at-risk youth and assists Nicole in a time of need. Mary is missing only one thing in her life--love. A chance encounter with Steve will change the direction of her life forever. 

In His Time: A family love born of tragedy is a book that is an emotional story, one that delves deeply into issues of abuse, neglect, love and recovery. Each character has their needs and together shares a journey to complete as one. 

All titles by Ronald S. Craig can be found on his website:  http://www.roncraigbooks.com/index/
They are also available on Amazon.com, Amazon. ca

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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Tuesday, 28 April 2015


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I'm so excited to share with you the second installment in the series, Watson Manor.
My dear friend, Ron Craig, created memorable characters in his mystery romance novel titled,  
Watson Manor Unfolding

American Author, Ronald Craig 



My two favourite sleuths are back, Charlie and Jenny Watson.  Just when life settles, they find themselves entwined in another mystery. Watson Manor Unfolding, is the second installment in the romance mystery series. 

Like a roller-coaster ride, Watson Manor Unfolding builds with tension, ascending upward toward the peak. Once there, hovers before descending into harrowing curves of unexpected twists and turns.  

Watson Manor Unfolding picks up perfectly from where the first, Watson Manor Eventually ended. Now settled back in California, Charlie and Jenny prepare to turn their dream into a reality. Watson Manor’s bed and breakfast is near completion, and the grand opening on the horizon.

All is fine until Jenny and Charlie become witnesses to a shocking crime ring that’s unfolding nearby.  Unable to ignore the evidence, they find themselves entangled in another mystery.  Charlie and Jenny find their lives in jeopardy, but never give up.  They continuously face obstacles and challenges, some that take them to faraway lands and an explosive ending.

Watson Manor Unfolding delves in difficult issues, and tackles them head on. Ron Craig has done a fine job showing a different side of humanity. This tightly woven story was impossible for me to put down until the very last word.

*Please note: This is an adult romance mystery series.
I would recommend reading the first book, Watson Manor Eventually, where all began. The book Watson Manor Eventually has been reviewed on my blog.

WATSON MANOR EVENTUALLY (Book one in the series.)

Link to Ron Craig's website:  http://www.roncraigbooks.com/index/

His books are available at Amazon.com, iBooks, nook, and kobo

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014


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* Adult book review 

I wanted to share with you a book written by a dear friend of mine, Ron Craig. Today’s blog is breaking away from my usual format of children's reviews to introduce a wonderful new title, Watson Manor Eventually. 
Watson Manor Eventually is an adult story, rich in characters and mystery. This fast-paced novel will grab a hold of you from the opening pages and keep you hooked until the last word. You will find yourself a part of the characters journey’s their challenges and wins.


American author, Ron Craig, has written Watson Manor Eventually, the first in the continued series of adventures. His two main characters, Charlie and Jenny Watson, are loosely based on real people who affected his life. For more information on Ron Craig please visit his website.





Life places many obstacles in our way, forcing us to make choices of one direction or another.  

Watson Manor Eventually is the story of growth, new beginnings and self-discoveries. 

Charlie Watson, a long-haul driver, enjoys his freedom traveling across the United States. It has been eight years since his marriage has ended, he no longer the trophy his ex-wife expected. After his separation, Charlie has picked up the pieces and rebuilt his life, but not without being unscathed.  He now lives behind the protective guise of invisible armor, keeping people at arm’s length.    

What he doesn’t expect is to meet Jenny, a woman who is genuine, oozes warmth and compassion. Leaving Arkansas together, Charlie has no expectations as he leads her across the country to Palm Springs California. On the journey, they encounter obstacles and challenges that test their inner strength and courage. Charlie faces new emotions he’s suppressed for many years.  Jenny’s fun and open personality, seeps through his armor into his every thought.    
Arriving in Palm Springs their lives have forever changed as feelings for one another blossom into love. 

Watson Manor, a bed and breakfast, becomes the foundation of a new life for Charlie and Jenny. During the early stages of construction, Charlie and Jenny find themselves in a precarious position of amateur sleuths. With passion and conviction, they set out together to find answers, and in turn help others. 
Watson Manor Eventually is a story rich in character. Within the first pages, you’ll find yourself drawn to Charlie and Jenny and feel like they are lifetime friends. Ron Craig has shared with the reader’s real people in his characters, ones who have faced hardship in life, struggles and obstacles. Together Charlie and Jenny share a journey of exploration, self-discovery and finding the true meaning of unconditional love. 

Watson Manor Eventually is the story of love, challenges and mystery.  This is a novel rich in character, the driving force behind the story.  Let Charlie and Jenny pull you into their world of unconditional love.

Watson Manor Eventually by Ron Craig is available for purchase on all eReaders. 

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